Saturday, November 28, 2009

My Darling Girl

I have had two dogs in my life. Both of them were German Shepherds. My current dog, Mira, is wonderful (literally, her name means 'wonderful' in Latin...)! I have so many cute pictures of her... Anyway, I thought that I should post something about how much I love her. We got her three years ago, and ever since she has been my darling little girl. Mira has such a HIGH energy level! Whenever I open the door, she runs outside before I have time to close it. She bounces around and always has a toy in her mouth. She also likes to chase the two cats..... Luckily they have the upstairs to themselves... Recently we have not been locking her in her kennel. My family decided that we could trust her enough. And she has been such a good girl! So, for Christmas, I want to get her a huge dog bed. She is one of the best friends I have ever had, and I am eternally grateful. <3


  1. Cool dog!
    Make some videos and post on YouTube.
    Does Mira have a kennel?

    (Why don't you ever reply to comments? - just wondering.)

  2. Haha... sorry about not replying...
    ANyway, yes, Mira does have a kennel. We used to lock her in it at night and when we went somewhere, but now we are leaving it open. She still likes to sleep in it though.