Sunday, December 13, 2009

Candles, herbal tea, and harmony...

I was inspired by Sub-Commander T'pol from Star Trek Enterprise. I have started drinking tea, and meditating with a bunch of candles. The candles are very pretty and have actually helped me to obtain a sense of peace while I'm in my room. Drinking the tea is turning out to be a great idea, particularly since it's so cold in Minnesota lately (for example, right now it is 14 degrees Fahrenheit outside). Drinking tea is also very calming, especially when I drink it before I go to sleep. Last night I meditated in a darkened room with lit candles and a glass of tea. At first I focused on the steam coming from the hot tea. Then I began to drink the tea in between deep breaths while focusing on the candles. This was a very enlightening experience, and I hope to achieve more peace of mind tonight.

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