Thursday, December 10, 2009

Major Disappointment

I am working on catching up on The X-Files. I've seen most of them before, but I don't remember a lot of the episodes, so it's like watching the seasons for the first time. So anyway, I knew that Mulder pretty much left for seasons 8 and 9, but I forgot this fact when I was watching the season 7 finale today. When I realized he was going to get abducted, I was majorly disappointed. When a main character decides to leave a show, it always disappoints me, but this one hit me harder than most, probably because one of the main reasons I watch The X-Files is for Mulder, and particularly for his relationship with Scully. The picture is from one of the best Mulder/Scully moments from the season 7 finale (or really from all of the seasons). I also happen to be a HUGE Stargate fan, so I have been making this comparison: The X-Files without Fox Mulder is like Stargate SG1 with Jack O'neill. With Stargate, I still love the last 2 seasons, but it lost something with Richard Dean Anderson gone. Same thing with The X-Files. From what I remember of the last 2 seasons, I still liked the show with Doggett and Reyes, but it just wasn't the same without David Duchovny. I guess we'll see... I'm planning on starting season 8 within a month, depending on when I can get the DVDs. But for now, I'm going to find another show to watch the DVDs of... I'm thinking about rewatching one of the Star Treks, probably Voyager or Enterprise. If you have any suggestions of something I should watch, please feel free to comment. I like a lot of different TV genres, so chances are that I will like whatever you suggest. Thanks! :)


  1. I decided to re-watch the 4 seasons of Star Trek Enterprise, but I still welcome suggestions! :)

  2. I've been enjoying your blogs but had to comment on this one as I am a X-Files fan myself (my daughter Gillian was as you can probably guess named after Gillian Anderson lol)
    It seems I have to catch up on some epis as I can't seem to recall those final few =o)

    BTW I'm a HUGE HouseMD fan and recommend that series. If you like comedy, I recommend The Kids In The Hall